Replacing Cigarettes With Food? How To Quit The Habit Without Gaining Weight

The dangers of smoking is far more severe than the risks associated with any weight gain from quitting. This does not mean that people should not attempt to find ways to stop the average 6-8 pound gain most quitting smokers experience. Not snacking more sounds like an easy way to prevent this problem but most ex-smokers will admit that this is almost impossible during the first few weeks of unsatisfied nicotine cravings. An easier method is to give in to the urges in a healthier way. The key is to choose foods that meet many of the needs people feel while abstaining from their cigarette habit that will not add extra fat and calories. 

Munch on Produce

Few people want to hear that they should eat more fruits and vegetables. However, it turns out that not only is this a healthy option, but it also just might help you reach that no-smoking goal. A study on the matter revealed data that proved produce can help people quit smoking. According to the researchers there are many foods that make cigarettes taste less appealing and fruits and vegetables are in that category.

Purchase Some Pretzels

What was not mentioned in the study is the need to have something tangible to hold. Cigarette smokers develop a strong attachment to their habit in more ways than just a nicotine addiction. Eating is a way to keep the hands busy and that is part of the process of smoking many find appealing too. Pretzel sticks help to fill this gap. Carrot sticks and celery offer a similar experience, but do not go as well with an afternoon cup of coffee. 

Sweeten the Deal

A final option is gum and breath mints. Sugarless gum and diet mints will prevent tooth decay and keep calories to a minimum. There are multiple benefits of choosing something like mints. They satisfy an oral need, strong flavors like cinnamon and peppermint help to allay some cravings, and they offer a tangible experience. Many mint and gum packs and tins come in shapes similar to a pack of cigarettes. The process of opening the pack, removing a mint and putting the case away can feel very much like sliding a cigarette from its pack. While it will never replace the sensation 100 percent, it may still provide a calming sensation for early ex-smokers. For more information, contact local professionals like Neuora.

Quitting smoking is a long process. It is not completed in a month, week, or year. It is like all addictions because it never goes away. Weight gain is a genuine concern to people who know they need to quit. Many feel they are simply swapping one socially-unaccepted habit with health risks for another. Smokers with current weight problems may have even higher levels of concern. Knowing that there are ways to manage the cravings without taking in hundreds of extra calories a day may give some people the confidence to finally give quiting a try.