4 Fascinating Facts About Tupelo Honey

Honey is a natural sweetener crafted by bees in their hives. The most common type of honey is clover honey, which is made from the pollen of clover plants. Different varieties of honey each have their own color and flavor. Tupelo honey is made from the pollen of tupelo trees. It's a unique type of honey that is prized by many. Tupelo honey makes an excellent addition to many desserts and drinks. Here are some fascinating facts about tupelo honey:

1. Tupelo Honey does not crystallize.

Over time, most honey will begin to crystallize. Crystallized honey has not spoiled. It can still be added to tea or spread on toast. However, crystallization makes it difficult to dispense honey. Tupelo Honey will never crystallize. It has a higher concentration of fructose than other types of honey, which makes it immune to hardening. Tupelo honey will always be easy to pour into tea or coffee.

2. Tupelo Honey is flavorful.

Like all honey, tupelo honey is sweet. However, it has a distinctive flavor. Some people describe the taste as floral or citrus-like. Tupelo honey tastes naturally spiced, due to the qualities of the tupelo tree. Many people like to enjoy tupelo honey on its own by eating it directly out of the jar. When you eat tupelo honey by itself, you will have the opportunity to truly enjoy all the nuances of its flavor.

3. Tupelo Honey will not spoil.

When stored properly, tupelo honey will never spoil. Honey has natural antibacterial properties that will keep it fresh. It's best to keep honey out of direct sunlight to avoid damaging its flavors. You can keep your honey in a cool, dark place such as the pantry. Don't worry about trying to eat all of your tupelo honey quickly. It will last for months or even years as long as it's kept in a tightly sealed container.

4. Tupelo Honey is made exclusively from tupelo pollen.

Tupelo honey is made by bees housed in hives near tupelo trees. This reduces the possibility of cross-contamination of pollen. Tupelo trees bloom for only a short period of time, often for as little as a single month. Pollen is collected during this time, and honey is produced. The comparative rarity of tupelo honey is reflected in its price. However, people who have tried tupelo honey agree that it's a worthwhile investment. Thanks to its potent flavor, a little honey goes a long way.

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