4 Reasons To Enjoy Tupelo Honey

If you are looking to enjoy honey that stands out from the rest, you will want to try some Tupelo honey. Tupelo honey is different than regular honey as the bees that make the honey only feed off Tupelo flowers. Generally, with most types of honey, the bees feed off a variety of different nectar sources. When the bees feed off a single nectar source, the resulting honey is generally a little different.

1. Special Buttery Flavor

As the bees that make Tupelo honey only feed off the Tupelo swamp tree, the honey that they make has a unique flavor to it. It has a mild fruity flavor that has almost peach-like undertones. Others feel that it has more of a buttery flavor. It has a lovely and mild taste that is different than other flavors of honey.

2. Consistent Liquid Process

If you like your honey to stay in a liquid state and not crystallize, Tupelo honey is one of the few types of honey that remains in a liquid state for years; it doesn't easily crystallize like other forms of honey as long as you keep it at room temperature. This is because Tupelo is rich in fructose instead of glucose, which makes it less prone to crystallization and helps keep it nice and liquid, as long as it is properly stored, for years.

3. Better for Diabetics

Honey actually contains two types of sugar, both glucose and fructose sugar. Many types of honey, such as clover honey, has more glucose sugar than fructose sugar. Tupelo, on the other hand, has more fructose sugar than glucose sugar. This is good for people who have diabetes, as it is hard for people with diabetes to break down glucose sugar but easier for them to break down fructose sugar. Tupelo honey is, therefore, a more friendly type of sweetener for a person with diabetes.

4. Important Trace Elements

There is more than just sugar in honey. There are small amounts of trace elements inside of it as well. You can find small amounts of vitamin C, which is essential for fixing cell damage. You can find some iron in it as well, which helps your red blood cells get their work done. Additionally, you can find Thiamine in it too, which helps your body take in additional minerals.

When it comes to sweetening things up, honey is the way to go, and if you want nice liquid honey with a sweet buttery peach taste, you will want to try Tupelo honey.