Four Reasons Your Biceps Aren'T Getting Bigger

Lift heavy weight and your muscles will grow. Sounds simple, but sometimes the results are not what you desire. So, if you have been doing preacher curls, hammer curls, and every other variation of curl to no avail, then it's time to think long and hard about what you are doing wrong. Don't simply repeat the same exercise over and over and expect change when no change has occurred. Here are four things to look into.

Eating Clean And Healthy: 3 Features That Will Pump Up The Flavor In All Natural Oat Bars

You are what you eat. It's time for you to start taking responsibility for your diet and take control of your life. Switching from unhealthy snacks to healthy snacks is a good place to start. All natural oat bars are delicious, satisfying and packed with all of the nutrients you need for a stressful or chaotic day. Some people, however, might find some all natural oat bars to be rather plain and bland.

Noni Juice and the Aging Brain

As healthcare improves, particularly in Western nations, people are living longer. Most people born at the turn of the twentieth century had an average life expectancy of a mere fifty years. Today, the average in the United States is now 78.8 years. But with advanced age, brain disorders, such as the dreaded Alzheimer's disease and other dementias, are showing up more often. The brain, unlike the skin and other organs, is unable to regenerate its cells.

Kick Out The Candy And Sodas: Turn Your Office Breakroom Into A Health Food Oasis

It's not a great idea to stock the office break room with sugary sweets, sodas, and chips. While these foods are fine in moderation, they are not things that should be a daily snack. These foods might taste really good, and provide an energy boost, but they are not a healthy source of energy. People who are sitting at a desk for hours at a time working on computers might need to feel energized, but they should not have to rely on sugary caffeinated drinks and sugary sweets.